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 Our endeavour at Hazi A. K. Khan College, since its inception on 8th September, 2008, is to uphold   the noble ideas, values and rich culture bequeathed upon us by the founder of the college,   respectable Hazi Abdul Kader Khan. We strongly believe that quality education is the key to progress   and success. We aim at spreading collegiate education among the economically challenged and   minority community students of the area and concurrently enriching our children, especially the girls,   with a modern outlook that inculcates curricular understanding and job-oriented skills. We have a   bouquet of facilities that definitely benefit our students. The college is engaged in disseminating   knowledge and promoting all-round development of the students by increasing their knowledge base   as well as by creating awareness about their social and cultural milieu, exercising all the resources we have. Our illustrious teachers, the non-teaching staff and, above all, the Governing Body are devoted to nurture and endorse this comprehensive approach. I believe in ‘we feeling’ and feel that no matter whichever rank or position each one of us belong to, we must always be able to revere every person’s dignity with respect, trust, empathy and  cooperative attitude.  The college continues to sustain and develop an order of individuals, enriched with true education, who will be global in outlook, national in ethos and at the same time reverent to local duties and commitments. It is our honest hope that with the help and co-operation of everyone we shall continue our journey towards academic excellence.


Welcome, be a part of our beloved HAKKC family!

                                                                                                                      ---Dr. Goutam Kumar Ghosh


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